SFA Software Solution for FMCG, OTC, and Cosmetic Industries!

A dedicated Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution designed for your field executives experience. Change the way your sales team reports calls and takes orders through their electronic devices.

Why EssentialSFA over other SFA softwares for FMCG, OTC, and cosmetic industries?

Why choose EssentialSFA for your FMCG sales force team?

EssentialSFA has long experience working with the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) sector. Our prolonged partnership with the sales team has given us invaluable knowledge and experience that has enabled us to recognize the potential opportunities and day-to-day obstacles that field executives may face. In order to meet the high-end needs, we designed EssentialSFA for the FMCG, OTC, and cosmetic industries with all the aspects of this constantly changing sphere in mind.

With EssentialSfa for the FMCG, OTC, and cosmetic industry, we provide:

MR reporting software

Tour Program

With the EssentialSFA field reporting software, plan the monthly tour program beforehand and then allow working in those areas only. This can be implemented for areas as well as for customers, ensuring that the field staff doesn’t miss any important customer visits and managing all the visit frequencies beforehand. The managers have the right to approve, view, and modify their staff’s tour program.

Get more with the Tour Program:

  • icon STP (Standard Tour Program)
  • icon PJP (Permanent Journey Plan)
  • icon Submissions and Approvals
  • icon TP Reports

Daily call report

EssentialSFA ensures that all the field staff work according to the tour program. By DSR, or daily sales reports, the staff confirms their work according to the submitted TP. This will be filled out once before starting the calls, in which case the assigned routes along with the other working areas will be visible. If a route needs to be diverted, the staff can select other routes, which will be maintained in the TP diversion reports.

Get more with Daily Call Reports:

  • icon Joint working
  • icon DA, TA and other expenses calculation
  • icon Sample and gift management
  • icon Route diversion restriction
  • icon DCR lock
  • icon Customer validation with geo-fencing and image capture.
MR reporting software

Pharma reporting software

Attendance and Leave

Know your field executives’ working periods. With our EssentialSFA mobile application, you can track daily punch-in and punch-out records, approve, reject, and record leaves, and manage everything around them.

Get more with attendance and leaves:

  • icon Geo location API
  • icon Leave management
  • icon Selfie Punch-ins
  • icon Attendance and leave reports

Expense Management

Expenses in EssentialSFA can be configured manually or automatically. Fixed TA, DA, and other allowances can be defined before hand, and then they can be claimed, approved, and passed.

Get more with expense management:

  • icon SFC: Standard Fare Chart
  • icon Dashboards and reports
Pharma reporting software

Pharma reporting software

E-Catalog Solution

Get detailed products, e-catalog, e-detailing solutions, or tablet detailing solutions on your devices. EssentialSFA provides an e-cataloging solution in one app only. Detail catalog products according to specialization, according to the products, and so much more.

Get more with e-Catalog:

  • icon Automatically add detailed products in call
  • icon Track the time spent on each slide
  • icon Product-wise mapping
  • icon Customer-wise mapping
  • icon Editable sequence of Catalog
  • icon Offline compatibilities

Analytical and MIS Reports

EssentialSFA offers an extensive collection of automated analytical and MIS reports that enables you to save time from pivoting data to information and prioritize more important responsibilities. Our range of reports includes:

  • icon Customer call tracker
  • icon Customer report
  • icon Field working report
  • icon POB till date month wise
  • icon Working hours
  • icon Business analysis
  • icon Quick + analytical report
  • icon Raw data
Pharma reporting software

More with EssentialSFA for FMCG, OTC, and Cosmetic Industries.

  • icon  Target and Sales Management
  • icon  Sample and Gift Management
  • icon  Order Management
  • icon  Campaigns and Activities
  • icon  Geo-tagging and Geo-fencing
  • icon  Notifications and Alerts
  • icon  Analytical Dashboards & Report generation

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