CRM App and Customer App to Boost Your Sales Performance with Instant Reporting, Even Offline.

Step into a new era of efficient sales! Our CRM app and Customer App combination is designed as a customer-centric tool, providing real-time reporting even when the internet is down. Join us in transforming your customer relationships!

Essential SFA

Why Choose Our CRM and Customer App?

Customer apps and CRM to transform your connection with your customers!

Elevate sales with our CRM App and Customer App, offering real-time reporting without the internet. With our integrated suite, you can manage leads, streamline sales processes, and gain insights effortlessly. Experience a feature-rich journey that turns interactions into opportunities for unprecedented success. Transform the way you manage your sales and connect with your customers!

Lead Management

  • - Gather leads from diverse sources effortlessly
  • - Verify, allocate, and effortlessly convert leads
  • - Leverage marketing automation for advanced lead nurturing
  • - a secure customer login and streamline KYC approval
  • - Access a spectrum of basic and premium features for customised lead management

Effortless Sales Process

  • - Manage sales entries and sales ledgers with ease
  • - Implement a point system with redemption options for efficient reward management
  • - Collect valuable feedback and reviews during counter visits

Seamless Communication

  • - Enhance customer communication through WhatsApp and SMS API integration
  • - Stay connected, build lasting relationships, and boost overall customer satisfaction

Insightful Analytics

  • - Embark on a data-driven journey with our analytics toolkit
  • - Utilise the dashboard, MIS, and analytical reports as your data command centre
  • - Stay informed through timely alerts and notifications, recognizing that knowledge is the ultimate power in business.

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